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Resources to consider
Soon I will be considering useful resources here. Sometimes it is helpful to have Strategies and a toolkit to hand and and one way can be in the form of an app. Watch this space for some useful sites and apps for you to consider. Apps on sleep hygiene; nutrition; exercise for the brain and […]
Anxiety and depression
Check out soon a blog on these Drop me a message for any topics youw ould like me to talk about and see my video post to come shortly.   CMG
Topping up your happiness Pot
In life we have jars. Our shelf has a series of these. On this shelf there is the: Thriving/surving jar (safety/survival/contribution/creation); resilience jar (esteem/worth/identity/significance); happiness jar (joy/Contentment/Passion/hobbies/interests); self fullfilment jar(Growth/understanding/direction/autonomy/freedom/justice/aligining core values); connection jar(love/acceptance/friendships/companionship/family/partner Each jar needs to be attended to  and topped up and in life when we are feeling depleted one or many […]
National Day of Kindness
Kindness What does that look like for you? It is surely different for each one of us. It can be a reward, self care better self talk. It can also be altrusitc giving kindness to others. When we talk about kindness for sure we know that it gives a sense of welbeing. Releases those feel […]

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