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Training/Education, Counselling, and Result coaching IN-PERSON & ONLINE VIA VIDEO PLATFORMS

What do you often ask?

Some Housekeeping questions: In person and Digital working. ALL contact is by appoitments only.

Digital working is by a GDPR compliant secure Healthcare system.

Glasgow Premises: There is plenty of parking around the counselling premises.

Glasgow premises: There is disabled access and toilet facilities on each level.

In person and Digital: Please attend no earlier than 5 minutes before your session to prevent a crossover of clients, unless agreed earlier arrival in person with a therapist.

How long will it take for me to get better?

This will only become clear once treatment commences.

All services can be explored either by email or on the phone before the first consultation.

You must be prepared to provide a full history of past treatment and what was/was not effective.

An emergency contact will be obtained.

There are different services and suitability will be explored.

What is the cost of treatment?

How much will it cost me? Treatment is costed at a minimum and paid usually in advance or at least a session in advance. Transparency about your experience and whether treatment is working is important at every step along the way and you can choose to stop treatment at any time, however it is always helpful to give one session notice to be able to bring things to a positive ending.

How do I make my first appointment?

Appointments can be made either by phone, in person or by email. Text is quicker. Often when I am consulting in a clinic I will be texting between clients to arrange /confirm first appointments, rather than have clients waiting long times for an appointment unnecessarily. I aim to make contact within 1-2 business days, outwith holidays.

How do I recommend the service to others?

We are often asked how can our service be recommended to others as sometimes clients are hesitant about letting others know they have sought therapy. I think there are ways of doing this and we advertise through media so often people can be directed to our services via these routes, however, we cannot make someone want to go for help, they have to be ready themself to do so. They have to be ready to engage in a process of commitment and be motivated and ready to grow and make positive change. Counselling is about making you a priority and we need to make time for counselling.

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