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Catherine Gallacher is a Psychological Ambassador; Result Coach/ Snr Trainer and Snr. Accredited BACP Counsellor with a BSc Hons (2005) with Psychol Studies), her qualifications and experiences have amassed over 36 years within the healthcare/counselling and business fields.

Born in Glasgow, her Practice has expanded delivering service Globally, working with organizations and with individuals on all Mental Health topics i.e. areas of workplace issues; Managements upskilling; financial health; remote and hybrid working; Relationship work; providing Mental Health Pyschoeducation on topics i.e. stress management strategies; Menopause in work and homelife/Suicide Prevention Talks; adapting to change for best optimisation; time management effectiveness; loss and change as well as Bereavement. Trauma work and Safeguarding. Her training stems from Solution-focused meeting Steve De Shazer and works in an integrative model CBT/ NLP Master Pract. Forging within her field GP Couns. and conducting online Counselling before it was ever established. She has been qualified as a trainer through various models including Trainer Training and Coaching/NLP. A short list of many topics Catherine can cover as a Global Mental Health Trainer her base is in Glasgow and she works Internationally delivering Trainings on all Mental Health Topics and welcomes all enquiries for Speaker and Training and Conference engagements. Client is a Top Trainer/Leader in her field and consulted for her expertise by the media and often providing interviews on Menaal Health topics for the public for psychoeducation and also on behalf of her Professional Body.

Over 36 years ago Catherine identified herself as the first Psychological Ambassador and is driven to promote and empower thousands of her clients and business organizations for them to improve within and has been providing models and group work, Counselling, Being the top and 1st Result Coaching Service and Training services for over 30 +years.

Always looking to be at the forefront of the Training and psychological world and delivering services, using new technologies that deliver secure and effective and convenient, client skill-based approaches with strategies and tools that enhance and improve our thinking and behaviours within confidential and best practice-based settings.

Access the Mental Health Trainings availble enquiries via email and shortly the webinars about to publish you can enjoy by registering.

Of course, not everyone needs counselling so there is CMGTalk Podcast and Videos which is our non-therapeutic informal service on all things Mental Health, where anyone can tap into the skills available without seeking a therapeutic setting. Take the opportunity to tune in with Catherine to talk through that problem, issue or one thing you need to have a different perspective on, with a professional. Catherine also does Result Accountablity Coaching unlike Counselling this is a step by step check-in process.

Exciting news: Watch out for even more services within a few months on here!

Our Services

CMGTalk this is me Catherine Gallacher Podcast is our chat service where you can access the podcast, make contact as I go live or email in adance to arrange to come on to talk and explore all kinds of issues and problems, whether it is around work or home life. It may be around a relationship; friendship or family member or neighbour problem.

Sometimes we have work colleagues or issues with our manager.

There are skills we have to work on and asking a professional who can safely explore these areas without judgement, giving us unique perspective and clarity and empowering us to move forward with our new strategies and ways of acting and thinking can be invaluable and just what is needed.

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  • StepUpcmg is available for media work also.
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