We provide Counselling; Coaching and Training to Individuals; groups and Organisations.

We develop strategies and formulas and then pass these forward to you.

StepUpcmg Ltd explores the holistic approach in life, looking

after our body, mind and spiritual wellbeing.

Focusing on a balance of good sleep hygiene; eating healthy; drinking fresh water; healthy exercise; mindful practice and seeking a balance of drive and stress/pressure to feel motivate and relaxed in life.

When we look at drive and focus, it is also important to have hobbies and interests and ensure we have a good network of support in life-finding a balance in life to keep us feeling our needs are being met in a healthy way.

Challenging ourselves in life whether with goals; insights or learning something new in life is key to our development.

As is simply relaxing and being in the moment, fully present, laughing and enjoying or feeling at peace.

                                                                       Building memories of our life as ultimately we all have a need to feel our life has had meaning and purpose.

What we can do.