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StepUpcmg Ltd Commitment Motivation Growth

Catherine Gallacher is a Psychological Ambassador and Snr. Accredited BACP Counsellor with a BSc Hons (2005) with Psychol Studies), her qualifications and experiences has amast over 36 years within the healthcare/counselling and business fields.

Working within organisations and with individuals within areas of Bereavement/Trauma work/Safeguarding/CBT/NLP Master Pract. GP Couns. and Trainer Training.

Catherine as a Psychological Ambassador is driven to promoting and empowering thousands of her individual clients and business organisations for them to improve within and has been providing models and group work , Counselling, Coaching and Training services for over 30 years.

Always looking to be at the forefront of the psychological counselling world and delivering services, using new technologies that deliver secure and convenient, client skill based approaches with strategies and tools that enhance and improve our thinking and behaviours within confidential and best practice based settings.

Of course not everyone needs counselling so there is a CMGTalk.com which is our non therapeutic Chat service , where anyone can tap in to the skills available without seeking a therapeutic setting.

Exciting news: Watch out for even more service within a few months on here!

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"Catherine has provided Counselling on behalf of our service for over 15years and delivered a highly professional and ethically high standard of service .(provided 2015 authorised for publishing)

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