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SECOND NATURE: stepupcmg

I found out about Second Nature saw it was recognised by the NHS and it is a program for forming healthy life habits.

Over the past months since there has been a new OurPath app now launched to enhance user experience.

Initially the focus over 3months, which you can extend now, is on nutrition, education a recipe book arrives and you join a support group with a coach.

Ultimately it is about forming long term healthy lifetime habits.

Week one is a reset week. Orientate yourself and get support to introduce a new way of relating to you and food. No food is bad it is about balance. you are taken on a supportive journey with a health coach available to you and provided the in a community, the skills, support and knowledge to make those important and necessary lifestyle changes and form healthier life habits.

You learn about nutrition, have 100s of recipes in a recipe book available, learn about good sleep and sleep cycles, exercise and how to introduce this into your life at a pace good for you.

The combination of the science, knowledge, qualified health coach, education and health tracking technology in the palm of your hand makes this a world class experience which is why so many have downloaded and signed up for Second Nature. I did!



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